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The bulk SMS service and how it can benefit you

Expand your portfolio

Explore a new revenue channel with our reseller options that give you the opportunity to offer industry’s leading SMS marketing platform to clients.

Craft the perfect SMS campaign

Easily create and send advanced SMS campaigns your customers love with just a couple of clicks from our UI. Whether it is personalizing millions of texts via multiple merge fields, sending regional language texts, sharing images and files via SMS, staggering large pushes in batches, it is all incredibly easy with thebusinessgrowth.

Communicate internally

Keep your team members and clients in the loop with updates on billboard, TV, and radio ad bookings, commercials and promotional times. Ensure your internal processes work flawlessly with timely SMS updates.

Track SMS campaign metrics

For the first time ever, you can measure marketing effectiveness using thebusinessgrowth click reports. Access delivery reports and click reports using our APIs or easily download them from the UI. Delight your clients with real-time updates and unmatched visibility into the campaign performance!

Leads from offline ads

Ever wondered about inserting a call-to-action in your billboard ads? Now get ad viewers to send SMS to your client’s short codes or long codes or just give a missed call for offers or for more information. Configure unique CTAs for each of your billboards and track their ROIs separately.

Solution tailored to your needs

Tell us what you need and allow thebusinessgrowth to customize SMS solutions for you! Our adept in-house team can help you with a range of services, from data management to custom API integrations and bespoke reports.

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